Were you waiting time not to give positive in a drug test?

Were you waiting time not to give positive in a drug test?

Were you waiting time not to give positive in a drug test?

How long does marijuana stay in our body? That is an ongoing question among regular marijuana users. Although there is no exact answer, we have presented some guidelines that may guide the reader. In this age of drug control where you don’t know when to test positive for drugs, it never hurts a bit of information. Many others are interested in this subject due to tests at work or oppositions. Below we shed a little light on this question and the different existing tests.

Time it takes to pass a drug test

Time it takes to pass a drug test

The data shown here was extracted from the information presented by some manufacturers of drug tests. This information is only indicative since many factors directly influence the positive or negative result of a drug test. Variables such as the weight of the consumer, age, metabolism, frequency of consumption or quality of the drug, are determining factors when testing positive or not. The only way to know for sure what the result will be is to prove yourself. One possibility is to get tested with a THC test kit, and if you need to pass a urine test, there are also kits for sale. Another chance is to wait for the times indicated below.

Most common tests: urine, saliva and hair

The most commonly used tests are through urine, saliva, and the drug test on the hair follicle. Each test has a different detection time that is important to know. The urine test is the most commonly used since it is the cheapest, and its detection time is longer than the test performed using saliva. Several critical factors can influence how long THC will be present in the body.


– Weight

– Metabolism

– Body fat

– Quality of marijuana

– Dosage in consumption

– Frequency of consumption

As we have previously pointed out, these variables change significantly from one consumer to another, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to determine exact guidelines on the durability of marijuana in our body. The only thing that can be done is to give some indicative data that can help the consumer to calculate their waiting time based on the variables named above.

The three types of drug use tests:

Urine drug test facts:

First, the most common, the urine test. This test tests positive for drugs approximately 2 to 5 after use. From then on, it is positive for a period that varies from one day to even a couple of months. The factor that most determines the positive in a urine test is the frequency of consumption. Depending on the frequency and amount of marijuana you consume, THC will stay in your urine for more or less time, depending on your type of use:

  • Very sporadic it can take a week to cleanse your body.
  • Moderate can choose between a week and ten or fifteen days.
  • It can usually take 15 to 30 days.
  • “Pro” can test positive after the month.
  • Some data indicate that some habitual users with very high consumption have come to test positive for drugs up to 90 days after stopping use.

Saliva drug test facts:

Secondly, we present the saliva test, which is the most fashionable nowadays due to the controls carried out by the Civil Guard in our country, and with which most people wonder how long does the drug test last in saliva?. In this test, the consumer tests positive for drugs in less than an hour after using marijuana. From there, THC in saliva can last up to an entire day. Some test sellers claim that THC does not last more than 12 hours in saliva, but many case studies today have shown that it can test positive after this time.

As in the rest of the tests, the time will be determined by the consumer and their consumption habits, although today we have infinite information on how to avoid drug tests in saliva.

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