Questions to the expert: 4 answers on cannabis in the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Questions to the expert: 4 answers on cannabis in the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Questions to the expert: 4 answers on cannabis in the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Dr Aldo Deucher is a doctor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of California. He recently spoke to California University about the quick responses that Alzheimer’s patients have when using cannabis in their treatments. 

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other critical mental functions. It is also the most common type of dementia. Dr Aldo is one of the doctors who are part of the Dr Cannabis community and told us a little more about the treatment of Alzheimer’s with cannabis.

What is the role of cannabis in the treatment of Alzheimer’s?

Cannabinoids have antioxidant properties reducing the inflammatory process, associated with a regulatory role and a possible ability to combat the formation of B-amyloid plaques.

Cannabis in the treatment of Alzheimer

Which of which cannabinoids are the most promising to treat the disease?

I believe that cannabinoids should be used together. The so-called entourage effect is of paramount importance. At the same time, the almost infinite combinations of cannabinoids make the responsible individual, not only in dosage but also the best strain of origin.

In your experience, what are the expected results when a patient is treated with cannabinoids?

We expect at least a reduction in the progression of the disease, but we have seen several cases with regression of symptoms. We always remember that each case evolves differently.

What should the patient and guardian know about the therapeutic use of cannabis before starting treatment?

I believe that the patient should always receive all the information about the treatment, including its differences to allopathic medicines, as there are cases where we need to use more than one type of oil until we get the ideal combination of cannabinoids.

Cannabis treatment may be for you!

Cannabis treatment may be for you!

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Are you a doctor and interested in cannabis therapy?

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