The most 10 resistant Marijuana Strains

The most 10 resistant Marijuana Strains

The most 10 resistant Marijuana Strains

A library of marijuana strains, including profiles and reports. The most 10 resistant Marijuana Strains

If you are looking for the most resistant marijuana seeds, it is because the conditions in which you have to cultivate are somewhat more extreme than is desirable. Whether due to cold, humidity, or disease, you need to select those varieties that adapt to these possible rigors.

We cannot list all the resistant seeds that exist because, thanks to research, there are quite a few varieties that manage to grow in adverse conditions with strength and vitality. But we can do a screening and talk about the ones that seem most interesting to us due to their particular unique characteristics.

The crosses have been made between the various varieties until the vigorous ones have been achieved. And this is so because there are plantations in climates of all kinds. Colder climates have served as a laboratory at these crossings. Resistive marijuana seeds have been obtained from the survival and the achievement of definitely more vigorous varieties.

resistant marijuana plants

Keep in mind that growing resistant varieties involves choosing specific strains that have proven to be able to withstand cold weather, mountain climates, and disease. Being safe has two advantages. On the one hand, you know that cultivation is not going to be ruined. On the other hand, growing outdoors is laborious and can last between 6 or 8 weeks. You can’t risk it.

On the other hand, the most resistant marijuana plants are defined as plants that will take advantage of the few hours of daylight to the maximum, with less cost in their crops, and that, in the end, will give you the best buds as a final result. Take a good note because you are interested in taking them into account if what you need are energetic plants in your crop.

We are going to recommend ten resistant varieties. But this does not mean that you cannot take a look at the more than 70 active types that exist.

The Shaman variety

Shaman is resistant to mites, mold, and bud rot, which makes it very interesting for greenhouse or outdoor growers. Its buds are very showy and aromatic. It grows fast and recommended for climates where other varieties cannot withstand inclement weather. The effect is cerebral and psychoactive.

Dutch Passion Shaman

Dutch Passion Seed Shaman Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a strain created in the early ’80s that arises from the crossing of a Purple # 1 male with a premium Skunk.

The Skunk XL variety

This is one of the most resistant classics. In fact, the best varieties of Shunk were used in it. It has its origin in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico and reaches two meters in height, being resistant.

The Skunk XL variety for the fast flowering and that it reached it at 7 or 8 weeks. Skunk XL cultivated in northern Europe and highly valued for its characteristic fruity flavor. Harvested in mid-October and can produce up to 675 grams per plant. It has a relaxing effect with a great, pleasant euphoric action.

Skunk XL, in this case, from the Royal Queen Seeds seed bank, are a cannabis strain that comes from a genetic selection from the mythical Skunk.

Among other aspects, it stands out for its high THC and medium CBD level or its Skunk high, without forgetting its characteristic sweet and earthy flavor.

Nordes seeds

They are feminized seeds that come from a cross between Black Domina and Critical + that was made by the Absolute Cannabis Seeds seed bank. We can highlight a short flowering period completed in 50 days indoors. It is one of the fastest flowering varieties that exist. Outdoors, it will finish blooming from September 1 to 15, ending its cycle in late summer.

These characteristics make Nordés an essential choice for outdoor, greenhouse, and guerilla cultivation, especially in humid places. That is why it is was named with the name of the northeast wind in Galicia: NORDÉS.

The Somago XL variety

This splendid variety from the Royal Queen Seeds seed bank is a cross between the Citric 47 and Somago strains, which have high productivity and better resistance. And, as expected, the crossing has given both qualities to the Somago XL, which grows to 2 meters. It is harvested in about nine weeks and will provide you with about 600 grams per plant. Its brain and the psychoactive effect is mighty.

Indoors it is an ideal plant for SOG-type crops due to its ease of growing vertically with little branching, concentrating production on compact buds in the form of vertical batons.

In approximately 55-60 days from the change of cycle from growth to flowering, it will finish flowering, and it can offer us between 500-550 grams per m2.

During its cultivation, the odors will be very intense, and it is recommended to use a carbon filter or another anti-odor system if we have them indoors.

The Wild Rose

Wild Rose is a hybrid of The Hog and Rossetta strains. Its flavor is sweet to the point that some people say it tastes like jelly beans. It is not a plant that grows too much, the usual thing in mountain plants. And by the beginning of October, it blooms.

It is highly recommended to relax since its effect is a mix of relaxation and psychoactive.

Thanks to its resistance, it is an easy-to-grow plant ideal for both new growers and cannabis connoisseurs who are sure to be satisfied.

The Critical variety

This is a variety of Dinafem seeds that will grow in conditions of intense cold, as well as adverse climatic conditions. You will be able to grow it outdoors without any problem, with short flowering and abundant production. It is harvested in late September and becomes very high, up to two meters.

Critical + It is a plant that offers a large number of buds. It has a high THC content. Its citrus smell and flavor is deep and penetrating.

The White Russian

White Russian, its name already gives us an idea that this plant can withstand the cold without a problem. It is a variety that comes from the Serious Seeds bank, more specifically from the crossing of the Ak47 variety and the White Widow, which is the first variety of marijuana that we have talked about White Russian. It will give you an excellent production of resin. Its flowering comes in late October.

Variety is a very relaxing indica, and this indica has been a champion in many cups in all countries. It is also known for being one of the varieties that best cuttings are capable of forming since they take root with incredible speed and strength. Many users enjoy their mother plant from which they harvest thousands of cuttings per year.

When you extract their buds, you can gather up to 750 gr per plant outdoors and if the cultivation is indoors, about 550 gr per m2.

The Holland s Hope variety

Holland s Hope from Dutch Passion seeds is grown in Holland outdoors. It has proven to be a very resistant variety to harsh, humid and cold climates. Its production can reach 800 grams. It has a sweet flavor and you must cut it at the end of September.

It can measure up to more than 2 meters high and can produce buds up to half a meter long, fully loaded with resin, ideal for extractions. It blooms in just 55-60 days and a somewhat reduced fertilizer is recommended since if we exceed it will fill with leaves and we will have less bud production at the end of the flowering cycle.

The Special Queen # 1

Special Queen of Royal Queen Seeds is very easy to grow and, for this reason, if you are starting out in cultivation, we recommend it. It is actually a cross between Skunk and Power Bud, and it will offer you around 550 grams per plant. The flowering occurs in late September in about eight weeks, and its relaxing effect is extended.

This variety of marijuana is straightforward to grow with little maintenance, which makes it an excellent option for all types of growers, especially with little experience.

Perfect for all types of crops, including advanced cultivation systems such as soil and hydro systems, the Special Queen is totally suitable for advanced cultivations such as SOG or ScROG. For this cannabis variety, 8 weeks of flowering is recommended, although some growers have collected it after 7 weeks.

White Widow 

White Widow from Medical Seeds. This feminized seed strain comes from a selection of the White Widow S1 strain. It blooms after 50 or 55 days and will give you good harvests indoors and outdoors. It grows vigorously even in northern Europe.

It is a very popular plant in the Netherlands, and as it requires little maintenance it is ideal for people starting out in the world of growing marijuana. Its flavor tends to the woody and earthy. It blooms at nine weeks and its performance is truly exemplary, around 600 grams.

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