How to facilitate the germination of cannabis seeds

How to facilitate the germination of cannabis seeds

How to facilitate the germination of cannabis seeds

Planting seeds is a fairly simple process, mother nature has made sure that this little life envelope can do practically everything by itself, but if we want to ensure effective germination we must prepare a minimum of settings for our plant and have some care. Here are the mistakes to avoid when planting your cannabis seed and tips to not ruin germination.

Have you decided to grow marijuana plants and want to start with seeds and not cuttings? Then you will have to overcome the germination phase, a moment of anxious waiting in which that little sprout that will become our treasure is expected to appear. The sowing technique in the substrate for soil cultivation in pots or outdoors is convenient and effective, so our advice is not to complicate your life with germination in paper or in water, rely on a good growing medium and wait for the magic. Another good idea is to use germination kits, if of excellent quality they can definitely reduce the risk of error by giving you a pre-set and easily manageable culture environment.

In any case, planting your seed will be quite easy, choose the soil and place the seed at about 0.5 – 1 cm deep, covering it then without pressing too much. With the right temperature and humidity a perfect sprout will sprout in a few days, if this doesn’t happen you have probably made one of the following mistakes.

Ah, not to be mistaken: timing is key, know when to sow cannabis seeds

Use of fertilizers and growth stimulators

How to facilitate the germination of cannabis seeds

It is essential to know that for germination the seed does not need extra nourishment, if you have abounded with fertilizers & co or chosen a super rich soil you may have burned your seedling before it even sprouted!

Choice of imperfect or contaminated seeds

Germination will take place more easily and on schedule if you have planted good quality seeds free from contamination. In fact, the choice of seeds is very important for the future of the plant, for this reason it is much better to rely on reliable seed banksoffering seeds with a high success rate. If you haven’t done this you may have a genetically weak and unable to sprout product or a contaminated one. Contamination may have occurred prior to purchase due to improper storage (too much light, humidity or extreme temperatures) but you could also be the cause if you have improperly handled your seeds and exposed them to bacteria and fungi. This is why the seeds should be touched as little as possible and always with clean hands or disinfected tools. Even the use of contaminated soil can be lethal, so choose quality sterilized products that are not recycled who knows where, the same goes for pots that must always be previously washed and sterilized.

Too deep or superficial burial of the seed

How to facilitate the germination of cannabis seeds

Burying the seeds too deep and compacting the soil that covers them excessively is the most classic mistake that can be made. If you deprive the seed of the heat of the sun, expose it to too much moisture in the depths of the soil, and crush it with too much weight it will be impossible for it to rise to the surface and it will rot underground.

Too much or too little humidity

Another problem is poor soil drainage : flooding your sprout with water will cause it to rot and make the soil teeming with fungi. At the same time, dry soil will prevent sprouting. The ideal is obviously somewhere in between, a moist, well-drained soil without stagnation. Water quality is quite important at this stage, so if you have any doubts about your tap water, use bottled water. To aid in drainage, secure pots or germinators to drain or upgrade your substrate with perlite, a good idea is to mist your hydration to avoid buildup.

Extreme temperatures

We have already said that the seed needs the right warmth to transform, let’s say a temperature between 20-25 ° C, if you find yourself with unexpected hot or cold peaks try to remedy by using fans or air conditioners for the indoor. If you grow outdoors and the temperatures do not convince you, you can choose to face the germination in indoor pot which is more manageable and then return to the outside in the later stages.

Too much light

All you need to know is this: seeds don’t need any light to germinate. If you place an artificial light on the sprout that has just blossomed, you will only spite it and risk burning it, so if you use lamps, start with a reduced intensity for the first few days.

Watch out for the thief

Have you avoided all these traps and still your seed does not sprout? Perhaps you have unwanted guests such as birds or insects who have enjoyed your food offering and smeared your future seedlings. So check that there are no malicious attackers in the area on the next attempt and protect your crop with nets and neem oil!

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