Cannabis tincture: what it is and how to do it yourself

Cannabis tincture: what it is and how to do it yourself

Cannabis tincture: what it is and how to do it yourself

Cannabis tincture is a very convenient and practical alternative to consuming cannabis and taking cannabinoids for both therapeutic and recreational purposes, it can also be a good base for marijuana edibles.

Did you know that cannabis tincture can also be made at home? Here are the secrets to creating it with your own hands.

If you don’t like smoking and want to try various solutions to stock up on cannabinoids, one option you might appreciate is tincture.

What is cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tincture: what it is and how to do it yourself

In practice it is an infusion of the inflorescences in alcohol to obtain a concentrated product with a long shelf life and very practical to dose. The technique of natural dyes is decidedly ancient and was once widely used also in USA, today this custom has been definitely lost but with the discovery of the therapeutic qualities of cannabinoids, the marijuana dye has been brought back into vogue by many consumers who are looking for methods of different consumption and customized productions.

Obviously this product can contain THC and CBD, all based on the chemical characteristics of the inflorescence used. The great thing is that this tincture is not at all difficult to make at home, you will only need your flowers, a glass container and ethyl alcohol.

Benefits of cannabis tincture

You may wonder why you should try the tincture with all the possibilities that there are to take cannabinoids… here, this product has some undeniable advantages : the food consumption of cannabis is very popular but is usually limited to decarboxylation and preparation of cannabinoid butter or oil. Here this type of fat based product has a limited shelf life and is highly caloric compared to tincture!

Even in comparison to smoking there are several advantages: first of all you do not take the harmful substances related to combustion, second taking a few sublingual drops of tincture or putting it in a drink is definitely more comfortable, quick and discreet than lighting a joint or vaping. Furthermore, this type of intake generally has a faster effect than edibles (where cannabinoid activation is triggered with digestion) but remains active for the same amount of time. In general, compared to all other administrations you take the tincture implies greater control over the dosage.

How to prepare the mother tincture at home

To make the mother tincture from cannabis inflorescences at home you will need a glass jar sterilized in boiling and dry water with an airtight cap, pure alcohol (with a minimum concentration of 90%) and of course an oven.

The first step is the decarboxylation of cannabis (a fundamental process to ensure the activation of cannabinoids) then preheat the oven to 110 ° C, chop your cannabis finely and evenly, spread it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for about 45 minutes.

Put the decarboxylated flowers in your glass jar and cover them with alcohol, you must have at least 1 gram of cannabis per 30 ml of liquid. The mixture will have to rest for about 15 days to become dye and turn green tones. Then you can use it up to 2 months from preparation, to ensure maximum longevity we recommend that you keep the container away from light and heat sources.

How to take cannabis tincture

Cannabis tincture: what it is and how to do it yourself

Once you have created your tincture and passed the rest you can start using it: the initial doses should be cautious because you will have to understand how powerful your mix is, then start with 3-4 drops under the tongue (richly vascularized and receptive place) and evaluate the effects and then modify the dosage. Alternatively, you can add the drops to fruit juice or put them in food but be aware that they may have a milder or delayed effect.

Once you have found the right dosage for you, you will also know how to adjust the amount of tincture to prepare for the next time and how much rest time is needed for the type of cannabis you use.

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