Is treating children with CBD safe and effective?

Is treating children with CBD safe and effective?

Is treating children with CBD safe and effective?

CBD is certainly the most suitable cannabinoid to treat important diseases that affect children such as epilepsy and behavioral disorders. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by several studies but many wonder if there may be side effects in administering to children. In this article we will see why cannabidiol is a safe product for young and old and how it can help regain balance and well-being.

But let’s start from the bottom and try to understand why CBD cannot have “high” effects despite being derived from cannabis, why it is tolerated so well by the human body and what are the diseases it can help treat or manage.

Differences and similarities between CBD and THC

Is treating children with CBD safe and effective?

By now even the walls know this, but we are pleased to repeat it because we find it a very important and reassuring concept for many who approach this type of treatment: CBD has no psychoactive effects and therefore cannot give the “high” effect or High for which cannabis has become famous.

How is it possible? The fact is, cannabis contains several substances called cannabinoids, molecules that have quite different characteristics. THC is the one that has been best known and studied for years and has proven psychoactive effects, while Cannabidiol binds to different receptors and does not have this type of effect. On the other hand, one thing that these two molecules have in common is that being substances very similar to others present and naturally produced by the human body (endocannabinoids) they are accepted without problems by the body and act effectively but not at all invasive, rebalancing many internal functions. Clearly the fact that one of these two cannabinoids has a psychoactive effect makes it unsuitable (except in particular situations) to be used by children, while CBD extracted from cannabis has no serious contraindications to its use.

What childhood conditions can CBD treat?

Is treating children with CBD safe and effective?

Numerous tests and scientific studies have shown that CBD is practically free of contraindications when used in appropriate dosages, and can therefore be prescribed even for children with much more safety than many drugs commonly used in pediatrics.

In fact, it can be used to combat early onset autoimmune diseases, conditions such as epilepsy, ADD / ADHD disorders, anxiety disorders, depression.

In particular, many studies concerning cannabidiol and childhood pathologies focus on Dravet syndrome and autism spectrum disorders on which this molecule seems to have important effects. The attention on CBD and Dravet Syndrome has been brought to international levels by the story of Charlotte Figi, a little girl who suffered from this childhood pathology that can lead to very important, long and continuous seizures and seizures but above all who still does not has a cure.

Brave Charlotte was treated with CBDand in a short period it had a great improvement in crisis management causing a great sensation. After her, many other children have enjoyed the benefits of this type of therapy with great results, thus bringing cannabinoid treatments for epilepsy to the fore and taking a big first step against the stigmatization of therapeutic cannabis products. As for autism, a pathology of neuropsychic development that gives many problems at the cognitive, behavioral and sensory level that in many cases is really difficult to manage, CBD has proved quite effective in relieving many of the symptoms and manifestations. especially by limiting anxiety and aggression, improving rest and social interactions and communication. All this without encountering specific contraindications or side effects

Does CBD have any side effects for children?

Obviously, before giving any supplement or drug to children it is good to pay extra attention and consult a doctor, because the little ones often manifest more intense adverse reactions and their body needs different dosages and dosages from the adult one. But one of the reasons why CBD is becoming a relevant option in the treatment of many childhood problems is precisely the evidence that administration-related side effects are truly rare and harmless. Among these we mention nausea and fatigue which are often however related to too high a dosage.

In short, from what is known now the benefits of CBD clearly outweigh its side effects.

Obviously, we must consider an important fact as yet there are no specific products for children and therefore it is very difficult to establish the right dose for each product based on the characteristics of the child and the formulation. For this reason, we do not recommend doing it yourself and instead we recommend that you contact a doctor who specializes in treatments of this type who can select the best CBD treatment plan according to your needs.

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