Smoking VS Vaporize – Understand the differences

Smoking VS Vaporize – Understand the differences

Smoking VS Vaporize – Understand the differences

If you are in doubt between vaporizing or smoking, read the article below and understand the differences, costs, pros and cons of using vaporizers compared to cigarettes.

If you are curious to better understand the real differences between traditional smoking and vaporization, we will help you!

What is better? The herbal vaporizer  or common smoke?

Before talking about what’s best, let’s explain in detail how each method works.

Herbal vaporizer: myths and truths

Herbal vaporizers are still a novelty for the vast majority. They have become more popular over the past 10 years. And as in general worldwide, the vast majority of the population is used to cigarettes or smoking, this subject is still a little confusing for some.

It is a fact that most of today’s vapers are former smokers of the past.

Herbal vaporizers have become an evolution in smoking. If vaporization had not come, surely the number of smokers today would have been much higher.

But, what about real science? What are the real differences between them?

Smoking VS Vaporize - Understand the differences

Today, few studies have a direct comparison between the  herbal vaporizer and tobacco. This is due to the fact that most studies and research are done by people in the field of tobacco control, who in the vast majority want to eliminate nicotine use in the world altogether.

In this way, comparative studies between tobacco and herbal vaporizers will always point out that smoke contains much larger amounts of cancer-causing and harmful components. However, when steam is compared to the air in the room we breathe, it looks like something super bad, that is, the comparison is never fair, as they do not put the two face to face. However, when the herb vaporizer is compared to traditional tobacco, the former will always prove to be superior and much less harmful to the health of those who use it.

Smoking and its chemical processes

During smoking, we have a common chemical phenomenon: combustion.

In the combustion of tobacco there is an enormous release of chemical components that harm our organism and release highly carcinogenic substances. More than 20 chemical components are released in this process. Among them, we can highlight:

Nicotine: an addictive chemical component that gives the user the desire to want more. When people say they are addicted to smoking, they are addicted to 

  • nicotine;
  • Hydrogen cyanide;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Ammonia;
  • Benzene;
  • Carbon monoxide;
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

These components, in general, have total connection with several types of conditions, such as cancer and heart and lung diseases.

In the manufacture of a cigarette, we cannot find these chemical components. However, as explained, the combustion of the tobacco leaf generates reactions that release these components.

Herbal vaporizer and its chemical processes

To begin with, the herbal vaporizer itself already eliminates a very important process of smoking: combustion.

There is no burning of any component, therefore, beforehand, several chemical components that are released in smoke, mentioned above, are not present in the herbal vaporizer.

Therefore, studies show that several components are eliminated in the vaporization process.

Below are some chemicals found in the steam:

  • Propylene glycol;
  • Vegetable glycerin;
  • Acetaldehyde;
  • Nitrosamines.

Other chemicals that can be found are part of the aromatization process itself. Many of them are safe to consume and even come from natural sources.

The big question is: today we don’t have long-term studies associated with the herbal vaporizer and its effects. However, when compared to smoking, they are still superior in relation to factors harmful to health.

Smoking VS Vaporizing: What is cheaper?

Smoking VS Vaporize - Understand the differences

Initially, when faced with the vaporizers present in the market today, and the prices practiced by the brands, you may think: having a herbal vaporizer is much more expensive than ordinary smoke.

However, there are long-term studies that show that even if you have a high initial investment to own your herbal vaporizer, the cost of maintaining smoking through smoking is much higher.

To purchase an initial vape kit that will last at least 1 year (with herbs or essences included), it costs much less than the value of a weekly purchase of packs of cigarettes or silk, multiplied by the number of weeks of the year. And when the smoke is from more natural herbs, the consumption by the vaporizer is much less, since the vaporizers demand less quantity for a session than the traditional cigarette.

Therefore, you will find that the herbal vaporizer becomes much more accessible, safe and less harmful to health.


In summary, the comparison between the traditional method of smoking and  herbal vaporizers  shows that they really have very different aspects, both in the process of using each of them, as in the purchase and price of the product and in the harmful effects that both can provide.

The only question that remains in the air: is the real analysis of the effects that the herbal vaporizer will provide to the user in long-term use? But it is certain that the absence of combustion already makes the vaporizer a great reducer of damage to health.

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