TOP 5: the best herbal vaporizers of 2020

TOP 5: the best herbal vaporizers of 2020

TOP 5: the best herbal vaporizers of 2020

The variety of vapes options increases more each year on the market and for many consumers it becomes difficult to choose which vaporizer to purchase. Solve this and other doubts, we made a list with the 5 best herbal vaporizers on the market.

With so many options, the question always arises as to which are the best herbal vaporizers on the market. 

Every year, some launches arrive on the market with the expectation of displacing the best vaporizers, promising technological innovations, delivering more steam or more flavor, etc. The truth is that not all of them manage to enter the select list of the top 5 best vaporizers on the market.

So, let’s get down to business. Check below the complete list of the best herbal vaporizers on the market. Do we have news?

Flowermate V 5.0s Pro

TOP 5: the best herbal vaporizers of 2020

Let’s open the list of the best vaporizers with a novelty, which is the Pro version of the already established Flowermate. This herbal vaporizer, despite not being so prominent due to the strong competition in its price range, is one of the best herbal vaporizers that exist in the cost-benefit ratio. The Pro version stands out precisely for the combination of components of very high level that still did not make this vape an inaccessible model.

The Flowermate V5.0s Pro has everything the best vaporizers need to offer: ceramic chamber, glass nozzle, digital control of temperature and battery level, ergonomics and practicality. A great advantage of this vape is the possibility of regulating the air intake so that the flow is greater or more restricted during the draft. This completely changes the style of vaporization, from something lighter to something heavier to pull.

Arizer Argo

Another launch among the best herbal vaporizers of 2020. Arizer’s ArGo is a small, modern vape that came to complete the line of this renowned brand. Known for the excellent quality of its other models, such as the Air and Solo, Arizer brought the Argo to the market, which will certainly be among the best vaporizers for some years. It brings everything the brand has as success: replaceable battery, digital display, hybrid heating and glass nozzle.

Argo’s great differentials are due to its considerably small size and the retractable glass nozzle, which is hidden and protected while not in use, facilitating transport and handling without unwanted accidents.

Linx Gaia

TOP 5: the best herbal vaporizers of 2020

Launched in late 2019 here, Linx Gaia belongs to a family of vapes highly renowned in Europe. Linx, which is also a manufacturer of vaporizer pens, is betting that Gaia will come to be on the list of the best herbal vaporizers, as it is the only one that has a quartz chamber so far. Ceramics, commonly used in making the heating chamber, are inferior to quartz in terms of delivering pure flavor.

With a highly affordable price, especially in installments, Gaia also has a glass nozzle and convection heating. A model that, in addition to having bold design and color options, does not leave much to be desired compared to much more tops and expensive models.

Arizer Air II

If Arizer did not appear on the list of best vaporizers more than once, then that list would not be reliable. The fact that this brand is so strong is due to its internal components of the highest quality, hardly matched by other manufacturers. For those who do not know the Air line, it is a compact and powerful model from Arizer, which was launched a few years ago.

The Arizer Air II is the update of this super model, which now has a digital display for precise control of temperature and battery level. The other successful features, such as the ceramic chamber, glass nozzle, hybrid heating and low resistance airflow, were maintained in the new model, allowing the smooth and rich steam to continue to be delivered with quality.

Firefly 2

It is among the 5 best herbal vaporizers, as the quality of steam delivered is outstanding. And this deserves high relevance because we are talking about a vape that has been on the market for some time and has not yet had a successor to remove it from the list.

The problems generally reported are due to the ergonomics of use, which requires a precise position, almost like a pipe, and also due to the need for configuration exclusively by the smartphone application. Its slightly higher price than the previous models on this list is justified by the material of its internal components and external finish. If you are looking for flavor with style that resembles a pipe, this is the vape for you.

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